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Where talent, effort and initiative are valued

Do you like to work in a team and roll up your sleeves, literally or figuratively? Are you open for new challenges? Do you like a no-nonsense work environment with space for own initiative? Do you want to work in a company where everyone respects each other? If so, Molymet Belgium is the company for you.

With approximately 150 employees, Molymet Belgium is a well-organised company where everyone knows each other. But it is also an international reference with a very solid financial base and a growing European customer base. You could say the advantages of an SME are combined with the strength of a multinational. We have work for a broad range of talents, with or without specific diploma. Talent and hard work are strongly valued here.


Advantages of an SME. Strengths of a multinational.

We need you

As a forward-looking metallurgical and chemical company, Sadaci is always on the look-out for motivated people who want an interesting job. You get a lot in return.

Room for initiative

We like employees to take initiatives. Good ideas help us all forward

Finger on the pulse

All our employees, from the different production operators to the colleagues in the office, have their finger on the company's pulse. You are part of a strong and close-knit team in which you feel at home quickly and where your contribution to the company soon becomes clear. The world of Mo becomes your world.

Develop yourself

We regularly organise collective and individual courses to help employees grow in their jobs. Retraining to other positions is also possible and encouraged.

Tailored to your needs

We offer challenges that are tailor-made to everyone. We have jobs for both unskilled people and specialists, for both junior and senior employees. We ensure change and variation where necessary or desired.

Results are rewarded

Everyone is rewarded for the results we achieve. Accident-free production for a whole year? This deserves a suitable extra or a tasty thank you.

High job satisfaction

We create a pleasant work environment, also if it concerns physical work. All our jobs and tasks are studied in detail by an ergonomist to keep the physical strain as limited as possible. The result is high job satisfaction for everyone.

Motivation exceeds a diploma

Your motivation is more important than your diploma. We attach great importance to good co-operation, positive effort and comradeship.

A good salary and more

And you also have the advantages of the chemical sector of course, which is known for its good salaries and excellent leave regulations. Anyone who works well and hard deserves to be rewarded.

A broad range of jobs

Molymet Belgium in Ghent needs a wide variety of talents. We are constantly looking for motivated production operators, mechanics, electricians and maintenance technicians. For our new PurOx factory we are currently looking for chemical process operators.



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Diverse talents find their place at Molymet Belgium in Ghent.
We are constantly looking for motivated production workers, mechanics, electricians and maintenance technicians.

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